FuelDeck is a user experience monitoring service built for frontend teams to help monitor, measure and optimize user experience. Just install a small javascript snippet and you'll be able to see: -

How fast your website really is from user's perpective?

How are different users behaving to your site speed?

How is it affecting growth and sales?

What's slowing your website? Third party, CDN, images, js, css?

Drill into exprience metrics for every user.

And much more.


Installation only requires adding small javascript snippet which should not take more than a few minutes. The code snippet loads the main javascript code only after all other things have loaded (after the browser onload event) to make sure there is no performance impact of using FuelDeck.

The main javascript is delivered via Cloudflare's Global CDN and has a size of only 8KB (3KB gzipped).

The actual code snippet can be found under setup once you log in. Once the code snippet is installed, you should be able to see the data in your dashboard within seconds. For any issues, please contact support.

User Data

Identify - Monitor user experience across devices.

FuelDeck uses cookies to track users and generate user experience profile for each user. A user experience can change drastically from one browser or device to another (example, from desktop to mobile devices). To monitor the user experience for same user across multiple devices you can set their email address for FuelDeck to identify user across multiple devices by using the following code:-

FDUPA.email = [email protected]';

Once the user has been identified, FuelDeck can merge all the historical data (anonymous visits before signing up) across all devices to build a complete user experience profile. This allows you to see changes in behaviour across different devices for the same user and what needs to be improved.

Conversions - User experience affects sales, how much?

Track conversions to see how conversion metrics changes with user experience. Like most conversion tracking mechanisms, you can just set your conversion metrics in FuelDeck on the post purchase page. For example:-

FDUPA.conv = {'Sales': 89.00, 'Plan': 'Pro'};

You can also send conversions via javascript using the following code:-

FDUPA.q.push(['conv', {'Sales': 89.00, 'Plan': 'Pro'}]);

FuelDeck handles different conversion metrics differently.


For numeric metrics like sales amount, FuelDeck will automatically create the following data visualizations based on user experience :-

  • Conversion Rate
  • Total Sales per User
  • No. of Sales per User

For string types like Plan, FuelDeck will correlate conversion rate for different plans with user experience.

Page Data

Tagging - Metrics for a group of pages.

By default, FuelDeck will allow you to specify a URL pattern to access metrics for a group of pages, for example - product listing, search, category, checkout etc. However, sometimes it might not be possible to use a URL pattern or you may wish to group pages based on different parameters that can affect performance like host machine, network etc or different versions of the same page (using A/B testing). You can easily specify multiple tags for page using the following code:-

FDUPA.ptags = {'Page Type': 'Search', 'Server': 'US-2', 'CDN': 'US-2', 'Experiment': 'V2'};