Opt-out of FuelDeck Tracking

What is FuelDeck?

FuelDeck provides a range of user experience monitoring services to help online business find issues and improve their user experience.

Opt Out

We respect consumer privacy, you can read our privacy policy here. If a website is using FuelDeck, you can opt out by using a special url which tells their FuelDeck code to stop tracking you.

Simply add "?fueldeck_opt_out" to the complete URL. Eg: for example.com, go to - example.com/?fueldeck_opt_out

This will set a cookie which will disable FuelDeck tracking. You should also receive a message confirming the opt out. Importantly, if you clear your cookies or use a different browser/device, there will be no opt out cookie and you will need to do this again. Due to technical limitations, cookie is the only way to opt out.

Site Owner

As a step to respecting consumer privacy, we encourage you to add our privacy policy and opt out in your own privacy policy.